Monday, January 17, 2011

Video Tutorial Requests for 2011?

If you have any particular topic you'd like me to cover in a video tutorial this year, please let me know in the comments. So what would you like? Finish all the PatternCraft series? Refocus on frameworks? Other useful tools? Refactoring? IDEs? Unit Testing? I'll be back at home ready to rock next week.

I'm open to any suggestions, but my videos will always be geared toward the intermediate->advanced devs (so don't expect anything like "intro to arrays").

Again, please post in the comments.


  1. Ricardo Schalch8:43 AM

    I´d love to see more on Robotlegs, but for intermediate-beginners, please ! :D

  2. [...] all the PatternCraft series? Refocus on frameworks? Other useful tools? Refactoring? IDEs?... [full post] johnlindquist announcements 0 0 0 0 [...]

  3. Definitely more on Robotlegs, maybe intro to modular apps. PatternCratfs are also awesome series. About new things - how about "How to avoid Anti-Patterns" in real-world situations.

  4. johnlindquist8:57 AM

    What more would you like to see on Robotlegs? Anything in particular? Or just the process of building a robotlegs app?

  5. Finish all the PatternCraft series! Because it's definitly a killer serie!
    And RobotLegs on features recent added features (from 1.1 to 1.4) because lots of tutorials on the web cover 1.0 features
    Also Robot Legs Oil extension.

    Thanks a lot!

  6. Pedro9:30 AM

    Flixel or other game frameworks! Thanks :)

  7. johnlindquist9:32 AM

    Flixel would be fun. Good idea.

  8. jacksondunstan9:40 AM

    The PatternCraft videos are great so far; I watch every one and I'd watch more.

    EDIT: Also, I'm less interested in frameworks and unit testing than IDEs and tools.

    Thanks for all the videos so far!

  9. Marco Gobbi10:03 AM

    Hi, i'm a junior as3/OOP developer, and i learned a lot with your PatternCraft series. I think that they are well done and easy to understand.
    Another thing i discovered with your site is IntelliJ. I usually work with eclipse, but for future big modular projets i'm going to develop with intelliJ IDE...
    Thanks for your passion and your articles, that help a self-taught me. :)

  10. I'd really love PatternCraft series to continue :)
    .. But if not, I'm sure every future tuté will be just as awesome! (if not better ;)

  11. Scottae11:49 AM

    I'd like to see some stuff on unit testing for Flex. Not just how to do unit testing but when, where, and why unit testing is appropriate and ideal.

  12. Pattern craft is great indeed, keep going!
    Unit testing also, especially on testing UI would be nice (and not only flex, pure as3 as well).
    I'd love to see how you'd build fully re-usable components/views in pure as3, but that's personal ;)
    Robotlegs as well, but advanced stuff, or showing how you'd do what's hard to do with it!

  13. Hi John,

    Not sure if that makes any sense but I like your tutorials because I'm learning a lot while watching them so... one thing that remains unclear to me is swc vs modules vs ...
    So, some tutos explaining why & when a particular approach should be privileged to share code/classes/components/modules would be really nice!
    Of course, please go on with the PatternCraft serie! :-)

  14. Finish Patterncraft series please!

  15. I'd like to see some best practices in real-world examples along with some tricks you use. And something like Pro Robotlegs with Robotlegs patterns you use and find very useful in your projects.
    Also as mentioned above - Game frameworks, Robot Legs Oil extension, unit testing.
    btw. I find your tuts very educational - kinda rare nowadays.

  16. Linghong Hsueh6:42 PM

    RobotLegs + signals!

  17. Robotlegs + TDD using xUnit pattern. The Bridge pattern would also be interesting and of course MoleHill

  18. Nikos3:30 AM

    I'd love to see you demo your knoweledge on the various other flash frameworks you may use, like, swiz, parsely, etc

  19. More tricks on Robotlegs + Signals

  20. The PatternCraft series is great so please continue with that.

    Also, how about some tutorials on using robotlegs in a non-MVC way?

  21. PatternCraft is great. I think it helps a lot of novice programmers in a way that nothing else does. Short of reading very technical blog posts, there is no other way to learn patterns.

  22. Nabeel Molham1:27 PM

    Thanks John,
    I am really looking for MVC in Flex and I really encourage you for more an more tutorials about flex framework

  23. Fabien1:35 PM

    Very good video tutorials.. your all-keyboard-coding-style is inspiring :)
    Like Michal, I think a deep dive serie on Robotlegs + pitfalls and anti patterns would be a huge hit !
    Suggestions :
    1. Project organization et package structure (complex real world modular app)
    2. Unit testing with Robotlegs
    3. Pitfall and anti-patterns
    4. Modular apps
    5. Localization injection

    Very good work !

  24. John your a legend! I think mobile is becoming more significant so any tips on compiling to IPhone and Android within the differant IDEs including mobile optimization tips too would be useful. Id love to see a comparison between frameworks, Robotlegs, Swiz, Cairngorm, Parsley and PureMVC. Id like to see some examples of view management and basic game structuring in Robotlegs. Some examples of the pros/cons between patterns like MVC vs MVP & MVVP etc... Looking forward to your next post.

  25. ooh an incite into using sprouts might be good, or a look at alternative documentation tools to asDoc like Ortelius etc...

  26. patterncraft.
    workflow best practices (project organization, tools, tdd, debug, release, etc.).

  27. I've found "make game video tutorial" of flixel & flashpunk, but haven't found any PushButtonEngine video tutorial..
    So I vote for PushButtonEngine :D

  28. Thank you for the tutorials. Unit testing would be great!

  29. Cedric6:24 PM

    - Patterncraft
    - Workflow / Architecture of modular apps
    - Best practices
    - Mockolate / Project sprouts

  30. You do great stuff keep it coming !
    please more on MVC in real world Applications,
    modular apps
    best practices for bigger projects
    maybe things like global navigation, transitions, and so on,
    Again thanks for your great work

  31. robotlegs modular tutorial would be great for that community, even though I am pretty familiar with it now it was a difficult process to get information on it and get a real world example up and running.

  32. PatternCraft is top notch. More please!

    I'd also like to see a video (series of videos) of you coding an application from start to finish. Preferably using TDD and perhaps Robotlegs. Including design decisions, mistakes etc. That would be very educational I think. It's a bit much to ask for but you asked us to make requests so... :)

    Generally I'd like to see more on testing and TDD and more specifically mocking and testing visual elements.

    Anyways, keep up the good work!

  33. It'd be great to see an example of a Robotlegs app w/ multiple contexts, as described here:
    "It is possible to have several contexts within a single application. This is useful for applications that want to load external modules. While the actors within a context can only communicate within the scope of their context, it is possible for contexts to communicate with one another in a modular application."

  34. viaria4:01 PM

    molehill with full concept when it is available, and bitmap data performance, and performance all the way.

  35. A* Pathfinding for AS3 would be great. I always have trouble with it

  36. Rkdresden12:19 PM

    Modular Robotlegs app w/ preloader

  37. Hi John.
    1. Project organization, package structure in complex real world app.
    2. Modular app.
    3. Localisation.
    4. Patterns


  38. Ryan D'Agostino2:36 PM

    Hey John. I'd like to see a video on using collada objects with the drawing api. So you would be able to load in a complex object then have the ability to click and draw on it.

  39. Also a video podcast version of PatternCraft available on, for example, iTunes would be nice. Makes it easy to subscribe and sync with iPhone etc.

  40. Sameer Maira5:03 AM


    Your videos are phenomenal. I would like to request to see more of beginning/intermediate RobotLegs too.
    Specifically targeting building a Services application from ground up interfacing SmartFox 2x, unit testing and signals.

    Also, some game development would be cool :)

    Thanks a bunch for all the knowledge.


  41. stanosmith10:21 AM

    PatternCraft all the way across the sky!

  42. Francois4:33 AM

    Tips and trick for FDT with code templates and snippets available for download :)

  43. johnlindquist8:17 AM

    I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic (because you used a smiley), but I don't use FDT anymore in any of my videos. I prefer IntelliJ for a wide variety of reasons (but mainly the incredible multi-language support) so I don't really plan on going back to FDT anytime soon.

  44. Pjakobsen8:07 AM

    I'd love to see a MAVEN tutorial !

  45. Moulitz3:12 PM

    BLENDER Animation >>> PAPERVISION 3D!

    SHAPEKEYS and how to access to the 3D structure of blender's mesh with as3...

    Nothing on the web :-(((...

  46. johnlindquist3:56 PM

    I've never worked with Blender before. Good luck.

  47. Hi John
    First of all Bravo for your incredible job.
    I'd like to see some more the PatternCraft series. I deeply agree with you when you say:
    "to understand a particular design pattern you have to first understand the problem it solves "
    so i'll be happy more on
    Factory pattern
    Adapter Pattern
    Composite Pattern

    The way you treat those subjects in the patterncraft series is close enough to real "geek" world.
    And it let us a lot of "homework" to put it in the context . That's for me the real deal.

    Thanks for sharing all your knowledge

  48. Darcey Lloyd12:00 PM

    Hi John,

    Love the website and how simple you make things, and thanks for helping me with the Away3D MVC/MVCS questions ;)

    For me it would be awesome to see videos on:

    1. Robotlegs + Signals
    2. Robotlegs + Bulkloader
    3. Robotlegs bouncing balls demo (Emphasising on how to manage multiple balls bouncing off the sides of the swf and their collision redirection managing multiple ball components)
    4. Simple Robotlegs application using signals for a modular application loading of images from a data list (pure AS3)
    5. Flex 3 & FlashBuilder Unit Testing (or in IntelliJ if it makes no difference) in Robotlegs
    6. Your recomendation on class utility resources, xml loaders, image manipulation etc.



  49. Giulian Drimba7:44 AM

    Hi John,

    I Would like to know more about Unit it works, and a real example doing unit testing.

    Thank's for all the video-tutorials :D

    Giulian Drimba.