Monday, January 31, 2011

My Youtube Channel

My youtube channel:

Why am I setting up a Youtube channel?

Here's the multi-part answer:

1. It's much easier to embed the videos here on my blog
2. You can now watch my videos fullscreen on your iPad/whatever device while laying on the couch
3. Youtube approved my account to upload videos longer than 15 minutes
4. I don't have to pay any bandwidth charges
5. I can organize my videos into playlists
6. It will be easier for people looking for video tutorials to find my videos
7. I can upload to youtube directly from Camtasia after producing the video

Now, the downside is that you may eventually have to watch those annoying ads before my videos start playing. Please realize that every time you watch an ad you're actually supporting me and encouraging me to make more videos (assuming Youtube invites me to their partner program in the near future). If the partner program works out, I'll be as transparent as possible to let you know how much I make in case any of you are curious.

I hope you're all having a wonderful year and look forward to new videos popping up this week!


  1. OrlandoM11:51 AM

    awesome, keep'em comin.

  2. The best part of it is that more you can get from ad program means more awesome video tutorials :) as Orlando said: keep'em comin

  3. Hello John,
    I understand your reasons to start a youtube channel, but I was so confortable to download your video series ... I miss the "download" option.
    Cheers, Roberto.

  4. johnlindquist10:35 AM

    Feel free to "rip" the videos from youtube with whatever extensions are available out there now. It's just so much more convenient for me to host on youtube in so many ways that I felt the move was for the best.