Saturday, April 17, 2010

Search Widget - Robotlegs, Signals, Flight, Minimal Comps, Yahoo Astra

Man, long time, no post.

This video comes from a chat I was having with Renaun Erickson, Garth Braithwaite, and Jac Wright about the value of watching someone work towards a specific goal. So, this video isn't really a tutorial, it's more of me just building a search widget and talking about it as I go. Anyway, here it is:
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Download Source Code

Libraries used:

Yahoo Astra WebAPIs


  1. Great video! If you are going to make something like this one once more using Idea please install "key promoter" plugin so viewers can see what commands/shortcuts you use.

  2. johnlindquist1:32 PM

    It looks like "key promoter" only notifies you when you're not using a keyboard shortcut that you should be using. Is there a setting to display which shortcut keys you're actually using?

  3. Shaun4:06 PM

    When setting up your source in Flash Builder 4 as an ActionScript project I get the error as below.

    1172: Definition mx.binding:BindingManager could not be found.

    This is the [Bindable] tag. Are you running this as a Flex App? Or is there a way to get BindingManger to work in an ActionScript only project?

  4. johnlindquist4:16 PM

    Try adding the following to your compiler arguments:


    Basically, (I think) FlashBuilder is trying to use all of the Flex classes (including BindingManager) as RSLs rather than include the required classes during compilation. You'll see this kind of thing happen in pure as3 projects that have minor dependencies on the Flex framework (Reflex, flight, and others).

  5. Shaun4:46 PM

    No go... But, if I turn off "Enable strict type checking" under ActionScript Compiler the errors are gone, and the app runs fine.

  6. johnlindquist4:54 PM

    Weird... well, whatever works I guess :)

  7. Glad I took a class w/ you. Great and I like that you are not pompous about OO.

    How did you do the colors?

  8. johnlindquist5:45 AM

    Hey Vic,

    I actually used IntelliJ for this tutorial (a friend recommended that I try it out for a few weeks). The colors are way easier to set up in IntelliJ than they are in Eclipse (it's just a simple settings dialog).

  9. Oops. I was pretty sure it does. Pardon my mistake. I've googled a bit and have found two windows utils to do the work:

    Also if you ever use os x there is

    Hope this helps.

  10. q2designnet9:52 AM

    Very nice. Thanks. And like Nik said, if we could have the shortCuts you use it would be heaven.

  11. juanbonfante8:13 AM

    Nice work. I learned some very important things. I have no clue what Inject actually does, but I like it. And Flight definitely took me off guard. This is really cool stuff though, you make it look easy ;)

    Time to work through it myself now, this is extremely insightful though.

  12. Loved the video; thought-provoking once again. Added it to the AS3 Signals wiki:

  13. Hey John, I noticed in your video you were wanting to re-position your caret alot, by default IntlliJ allows placement of the caret after the end of line, if you go to Settings->Editor under the Virtual Space section you can un-check "Allow placement of caret after end of line" this should really speed up your flow.

  14. johnlindquist4:56 PM

    Thanks for the tip! Going to check it out to see if I notice the difference next week.

  15. johnlindquist4:57 PM

    Thanks Rob. I'm in the process of converting all my fellow devs to Signals on our next big project ;)

  16. this was super duper helpful!

  17. Question: i was trying to test the Bind class from Flight alone to see how it works. I did a class with some variable with [Bindable] on it. But doing some debugging i´m detecting that my source class dispatched an event with name var_name + "Changed", and not the event "propertyChange" (because the Bindable dosent have event name) so the binding is never executed...

    this is my vode:
    import flash.display.Sprite;
    import flash.utils.setInterval;
    import flight.binding.Bind;

    * ...
    * @author Pablo Bandin (|
    public class Main extends Sprite
    public var contextView:String = "";

    private var _contextView2:String;

    public function Main():void

    Bind.addBinding(this, "contextView2", this, "contextView");

    setInterval( change, 1000);

    private function change():void
    contextView= Math.random().toString() + "12"

    public function get contextView2():String { return _contextView2; }
    public function set contextView2(value:String):void
    _contextView2 = value;
    trace("setting: "+value);



  18. johnlindquist2:31 AM

    I copy/pasted your code into my project and it ran fine...

    Maybe add this to your compiler args so the flex binding classes are included?

  19. Found the error / bug ? mabe i have a bad setup or something, this line dosen´t work:

    propertyCache[metadata][value] = propertyCache[value].(child("metadata").(@name == metadata).length() > 0);

    but this one does:

    propertyCache[metadata][value] = propertyCache[value].(child("metadata").(@name == "Bindable").length() > 0);

    this is from source code: flight.utils.Type

    Someone knows why is this?

  20. yeah i have that argument added by default by Flash develop.
    The error i had detected is that in my current configuration idk why this line of E4X dosent execute correctly: (@name == metadata) the metadata is a variable, but it dosen´t take the value as it should... but if i replace the variable by the string it works. That code is from the Flight source code so i dont think it´s wrong, there must be something wrong with my configuration?...

  21. Hey John,

    Thanks for this demo, it got me testing different IDEs and libraries.
    What I'd really like to see is a comparison of different IDEs from you point of view.
    I've seen you use Flash Builer, FDT, IntelliJ IDEA...
    Which IDE do YOU prefer at the moment?

    Thanks again!

  22. johnlindquist12:36 AM

    At the moment, I prefer IntelliJ IDEA (mostly because it has the best refactoring tools and I'm on a big refactoring project right now).

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  24. Youdgin9:51 AM

    This was intense, nice handling with IntelliJ IDEA, really showed what a good IDE is capable of.

  25. Smith6:24 AM

    How did you use Flight Bind in pure AS3 project?

  26. Can't compile/run your code, how to set up the project?

  27. Thanks for this post, I really like to watch someone over the shoulder instead of tutorial. Cheers and keep up the good work.

  28. Cool, nice work. Thanks for sharing this.

  29. "Video is not found or access denied" :(

  30. hi john first of all Bravo for your voilà "à la volée"
    I'm trying for about 10 times to do this tuto. But it still not working for me,no errors in compil ,no errors at run time, but the MockModel doesn't populate myList(bit101 List).
    The first command startup does startup ( the view is on Stage ). but later on ... - on mySearchViewMediator when i just want a simple trace statement on myButtonClick handler it doesn' trace anything !!?

    I'm using flash builder 4
    and the libs you mentionned. my little finger told me that i'm propably not using the same.

    The link for downloading the sources is dead so i can't compare.
    Do you or does anyone meet the same issue.

  31. hi john
    Finally it works for me.
    In your vids you don't extends Actor for neither MockModel nor YahooSearch so i do the same ... but it seems to the problem.
    I rewrite with both extending Actor and implements ISomeInterface and YES..
    Thank you
    For leading us ( poor old as1 migrants :) )

  32. fazeaction1:16 PM

    Hi john....the video doesn't work :-/. Can you repair it??. Many thanks

  33. Hello John,I am unable to watch the video can u please fix it . but you have done a good job.