Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Flixel on the iPad

Flixel is a popular library for creating Flash games (personally, I love it). So I was curious to see just how well it would run on an iPad with the new AIR 2.6 packager.

So I grabbed the source of Mode, threw it into my AIR for iOS tool (more info on that here), and grabbed the camcorder.

Honestly, I'm blown away by how well it ran. I didn't make any changes other than bumping up the resolution of the game to 1024x768 and changing the keyboard handlers to mouse handlers.

Watch below to judge for yourself:


  1. It seems running at 15-20 fps which is clearly not enough for an old school 2D game…
    It doesn't run great, sorry.

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  3. Excellent work.  Looks like Adobe really nailed it with AiR 2.6.

    Just curious, have you tested a FlashPunk project at all?

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