Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Quick update

The "How it Works" series will focus on exploring the code in libraries you already know and love and breaking it down into tasty bite-size pieces. I'm tackling Robotlegs first (I've recently renamed the "Deep Dive" videos to "How it Works" videos, I'll probably save "Deep Dive" for more advanced uses of libraries) and then I'll move on from there.

Also, of note, this year I will be expanding my breadth of my tutorials beyond Flash to cover other web technologies as well. They will usually be based on what I'm currently working on at the time.

Lastly, you've probably noticed the last few videos are much shorter now. I've decided to break videos into more parts so that I can release them more often and focus on smaller pieces rather trying to push out 20+ minute videos out that you probably don't have time to watch.


  1. I can watch the PatternCraft serie 2 hours straight unblinking eyes

  2. John, thankyou for providing a very easy to follow and entertaining route from novice to 'slightly better than novice' programmer. Your work is helping enormously in getting me to that next level. I'm really encouraged to find out that I was kinda using some patterns already but hadn't really fully implemented them. Keep up the good work, because I want moar video's!!!

  3. johnlindquist2:57 PM

    Awesome :)

  4. Marcel1:26 AM

    i love the idea and approach to give us an detailed view of popular frameworks!
    is it possible to publish the videos as a podcast so i can watch and learn on the go? a simple downloadlink would be cool as well. thank you!

  5. shorter videos are nice, BUT i like the longer ones better, i could sit for an hour watching your videos.. great work

  6. johnlindquist5:36 PM

    I actually have camtasia publish the video straight to youtube (so I never even see the final produced video anymore). I guess you could just find some browser extension that rips youtube videos and grab the ones you want since it would create a lot of extra work for me. Cheers.

  7. Marcel4:17 AM

    thanks for the reply. I didn't know that it would be that much extra work for you - just thought it would be a nice feature. keep up the good work