Thursday, February 03, 2011

ActionScript Challenge #1

What is the value of get?


  1. jacksondunstan12:16 AM

    An XMLList with one child whose value is "true".

    Man, that was fun to trace! :-D

  2. Nabeel Molham3:40 AM

    Good one mat that is true and traced it for one hour

  3. Man, that is impressive. And disgusting.

    There is a certain buzz I get from reading URL encoded content - especially if it was originally xml so it's full of complex % values.

    At times, regex can look a little like this, can't it?

    I had an idea once that it might be very beautiful to write mini poems, jokes or proverbs using nothing but regex.

    But you've out-geeked me here. *pat on the back* :)

  4. Jeeze, cant believe that would actually compile. Filthy but oddly beautiful at the same time :P

  5. aidan coyne8:57 AM

    Regex is comparatively simple, I think. It's just a representation of a finite state machine.

  6. Z1082911:17 PM

    should return the value of <>False="true" that node

  7. Z1082911:19 PM

    its getting the value here [.@False] with the E4X notation