Tuesday, November 09, 2010

pv3d.org and forum.papervision3d.org temporarily down

I’m switching my host from my old mediatemple dv instance to a new rackspace cloudserver instance so my other domains (namely pv3d.org and forum.papervision3d.org) will be down for a little while. I have all my backups ready to move over, but mediatemple shut down my server before I had a chance to change nameservers, dns, re-install, restore, etc, etc, etc. (since this is a rackspace cloudserver, I have to install and setup everything manually through ssh which is fun for the first 10 minutes then gets boring and painful)


  1. Nikos8:28 AM

    Rackspace rulez

  2. Do you have any recommendations on where to learn how to actually set up a rackspace cloud server (or any server for that matter). My first (and only) attempt ended in pain and embarrassment.

  3. johnlindquist8:40 AM

    The knowledgebase on rackspace is good, although it does require a basic knowledge of ssh and how linux directories are organized.

  4. Yeah I saw the knowledgebase was full of info and I was actually able to set up ubuntu and the ftp client without any prior knowledge of ssh or linux. Think I just tried to run before I was able to walk. Any suggestions on where to start with Linux and ssh?

  5. johnlindquist8:42 AM

    I would say "trial and error", but unfortunately, the "error" part can be pretty devastating (and undoable).

    Sorry I can't recommend any good resources, you just kind of google for the commands as you realize that you need them. First "cd", then "ls", then "mkdir", etc, etc.

  6. artpologabriel6:31 PM

    im very much willing to help... i want to volunteer! [i also want to learn flex, as3 and pv3d!] im a web dev (php/mysql/jquery/css), i can help on pv3d website matters :)

  7. cimon3:46 AM

    im very much willing to help... i want to volunteer,i love pv3d