Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Game Progress

Here's a quick little video of where I'm at with my multiplayer game. The idea is to stomp on the other guys before they stomp on you. There's still a few little bugs, but it's coming along pretty nicely: [pro-player type="mp4"]http://j0hn.org/videos//game-working2.mp4[/pro-player]
The code is still under heavy construction here: http://github.com/johnlindquist/ElectroServerProject


  1. Looks fun!

    I recently used ElectroServer for a project (chat rooms, webcam etc), and I have a couple questions for you:
    1. Why did you choose ElectroServer over other solutions such as smartfoxserver? (cost? stability?)
    2. Did you find ElectroServer's API to be out dated, and difficult to implement cleanly into a modern framework?


  2. johnlindquist6:59 PM

    I did absolutely zero research before choosing electro server and I have no experience making multiplayer games. Does that help? ;)

  3. lol. Alright I would be interested in your thoughts using it, and I look forward to playing the game!