Thursday, June 17, 2010

FlashBelt Follow-up

I really enjoyed presenting at FlashBelt this year. It’s an amazing conference and I got to speak about one of my favorite topics: Blasting out tons of code :)

Basically, my presentation explained all the pieces of an application (when taking the Robotlegs approach) and how to generate the boilerplate code to avoiding unnecessary typing. I used ANT scripts that were originally based on Elad’s code gen project, but then added my own flavor of being able to loop through entire packages and automatically inject dependencies. Anyway, the only reason I chose ANT was because the final AIR 2.0 SDK wasn’t released yet. Now that it is released, I can start building the tool that I REALLY wanted to show off. It will serve the same purpose as the ANT scripts, but will be easily accessible for everyone, include auto-complete, and even make a visual representation of your app.

I’m excited to start working on it and I’ll keep everyone updated on the progress here. First, I need to choose a name for the app. RobotFactory? :)

If you *need* the ANT build script now because you can’t wait for the AIR app, you can find the files here (there are a ton of dependencies and big set up process which I’m not going to take the time to explain):


  1. hello John,
    I can't wait for your air RobotFactory or whatever the name will be (RobotGens maybe!?). Let us know.
    Cheers, Roberto.

  2. Hi John,
    I'm here again only to tell you (if you don't know ...) I've just discovered this ...:
    Cheers, roberto.

  3. johnlindquist7:47 AM

    Thanks for the link. Hopefully him and I can collaborate.