Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Re-launching johnlindquist.com

I used to post to this url a couple years ago before I started pv3d.org. I had a lot of 3d work on my plate at the time, so I liked to share what I was working on within a blog dedicated to 3D. Now that my career has taken me in a different direction, I'm moving back here to stay. (If you look at the recent posts on pv3d.org, you'll see they're pretty "off-topic")

Now, instead of deciding whether specific content belongs on pv3d.org, flex4.org, fp10.org, or any of the other sites I've started, I'm going to post it all here and work on maintaining categories. I will be leaving all of my older blogs up so your bookmarks will still work.

Feel free to leave comments in this post if you feel so inclined.

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