Wednesday, January 27, 2010

haXe Tutorial

This tutorial is for anyone who has heard about haXe, but never had the time to figure out how to set it up. If you guys show a lot of interest in learning more about haXe, I'll put together a few more tutorials on some of the features, but as of right now I have no idea what kind of interest is out there:

*note - I tried "fast forwarding" through the download/install portions, but the camtasia "clip speed" couldn't accurately fast forward only the parts I selected.


  1. Thank you, downloading it to watch later. Haxe is something I've been putting off due to time but this will kick start my attempt to finally getting started with it.

  2. David2:40 AM

    Great John, please do more.

  3. thanks for this one John.
    i'm definitely interested in more tutorials on the subject.

  4. Really great tutorial. Thank you. I'd like to see more HaXe tutorials like these.

    I've been playing around with HaXe for a while now but I've never developed any serious projects with it. My main concern is how HaXe will handle third party AS3 API libraries like TweenLite or PaperVision3D.

    After this tutorial I think I'll get back to HaXe and try to create something real. I know HaXe is much faster then AS3, so if it can integrate with huge collection of AS3 APIs out there I'll defenitly switch to HaXe.

    Once again thank you for the tutorial.

  5. I dont see any advantage of using HaXe...

  6. johnlindquist11:55 PM

    Check out the language reference for all the features of the language:

    Also, you get a much faster compiler and the ability the compile to multiple languages (js, php, c++, etc)

    Haxe has even shown to give swfs that take advantage of the language a significant performance boost.

  7. flashmx8:51 AM

    awesome. thanks for taking the time to put this intro together. if you have the time it would be great to see some more in depth tutorials on HaXe. i will dig in myself as soon as i find a bit of spare time. thanks again John!

  8. i liked this one, i was looking for something like this so i will start learning, who is the talker on the video

  9. Great tutorial. I'd love a tutorial really *illustrating* why we should use HaXe over normal AS3. For example, the compiler is supposed to be faster--show us; you say it can give a performance boost--show us; etc...

    But definitely a great starting tutorial. Thanks!

  10. Mike H.5:31 PM

    This was an awesome tutorial. It's really a great beginner's tutorial and serves as a great 101 for developing flash with haxe. BTW, developing haxe in other editors, like Notepad++ is not fun. BTW, I like the fact that you're using FlashDevelop. It is a really, really great and robust tool for developing haxe apps.

    Thanks again

  11. Mark Prades4:44 PM

    Very interesting tutorial ,it seems Haxe can generate ActionScript3 however i wasn't able to acheive it (with the command line arguments ) , if someone has a tip ...

  12. LoganCale5:59 AM

    This tutorial was so helpful. Thank you - Would love to see more HaXe tutorials.

  13. Thanks for taking the time and putting this tutorial together. Definitely, I'd like to see more of those. Can't wait to get started with haXe...

  14. sebomoto6:45 AM

    great intro - would definitely be interested in more tutorials! For example on how to work with swf-libraries or image assets.

    Best wishes,

  15. I heard from a friend that haxe has one syntax, or way to write it, etc, but you can compile to multiple languages so you don't have to go through learning a whole new language. Could you give an example of it in your next tutorial, like php or something?

  16. invisiblemonki7:52 AM

    very personable tutorial. thanks. i'm interested in pretty much every tech/language that haxe can compile into, so keep em coming!

  17. I'm looking into HaXe as a beginner, but I can barely find tutorials. Which makes this one all the better. I'm looking for more basic functions, such as buttons, equations, and the such. More help would be appreciated.

  18. smakhtin2:37 PM

    Very nice tutorial. I'm interested in more publications about haXe.

  19. Someone8:41 AM

    Yea sounds cool.. but what is the advantage of making people adhere less to strict data typing, and well expressed variable definitions and coding conventions?

    I still remember that Adobe wanted to preach the new culture of programming after having released AS3 as true OOP language, I think requiring programmers to stick more to the current AS3 trends is more efficient than just jumping to stick to some short-cuts while developing.

    Another interesting thing, is how would you access the event passed to you listener in the example provided? anyway there should be a standard way like adobe specified in their AS3, though I am sure Haxe has, but I dislike the fact I am required to search now for how to catch the parameter encapsulated properties like(target, currentTarget, etc..) through that new "dash".

    And, the most important question on my side is: To what extent can Haxe be effecient in developemtn, I mean performance, as long as what it seems that Haxe is an outer class embedding generic Flash classes, working like a median between end user AS3 and Haxe new syntax. instead of compiling code to meet AS3 I guess It would be better to maintain less DCE cycles, and to save the poor JIT from running some extra couple times to re evaluate what it had expected to find - ADOBE AS3 :)
    Thanks anyway for your precious posts John. I am really fan of you :)

  20. michelle8:44 PM

    If you can show some more tutorials on how to use haxe with flashdevelop I'd appreciate it so much! - this tutorial was really helpful to start but can you show us some more things that can be done?

  21. awesome.... please do more. I would love to see some of the advantages like compiling the code to a swf then showing it running in javascript, or c++ would be even better. that way we could better understand the possibilities say coding a game that would run in flash and then the same code running on iphone or something.

  22. @Someone: That "poor JIT" you refers to does not know anything about AS3 at all. But it knows AWM2 ABC, and that is what haXe ouputs - in a better optimized form than the Adobe Flash IDE can generate from AS3.

    @johnlindquist: You made me wanna have Flash Develop, but it does not run on my Ubuntu system ;(
    Damn, why did they have to use .NET...

  23. Roger9:21 AM

    Hey John great tut. Compile time is blistering fast. I'd love to see some move videos. Any idea when haxe will support fp 10.1 so we can develop some iphone apps with it?

  24. johnlindquist9:24 AM

    No clue. Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to play with haxe much this year.

  25. Slackbird9086:39 PM

    Are you the person who developed papervision3d?!!? and why call super in the Dummy class?

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  27. I don't get why one should should learn Hex in the first place. I mean it seems you'd have to learn as3 too to do this, so what's the plus of learning hex?