Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ActionScript 3 - Public, Internal, Protected, Private

This video tutorial covers "access control modifiers". In ActionScript 3, you've seen the words "public", "internal", "protected", or "private" in front of every function and this video explains what they do. I keep this as simple as I can and I try to avoid all that programming lingo.

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  1. Hey John, thanks a lot for this tutorial. Actually, the only access control modifier I didn't understand was internal, but now it's all clear. :)
    I sent you a donation as I use your site a lot for reference and advise it to my fellow students regularly.
    The amount of tutorials you post is stunning really, so thanks again!

  2. John Lindquist8:56 AM

    @Abel - thanks for the generous donation. More video tutorials are on their way :D

  3. Thanks, this tutorial was very usefull.

  4. Eccles10:03 PM

    Wonderful. Just what I needed to know.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. soviet_191712:54 AM

    actually i still didn't get everything, but it got better :D
    a nice thing would have been a conclusion like: "now you see how those crazy words work, and you can use it for example to..." - maybe it would be less abstract then, cause thats the main problem i guess (abstractness).

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